Soft, luxurious carpet flooring offers a one-of-a-kind high-class appeal

As one of the most loved flooring options in the U.S., carpeting offers a long list of benefits to make your house extra cozy and unbelievably inviting. With a wide assortment of designs, textures, colors, and styles, it’s a flooring that provides flexibility and versatility. Add it to any space in your home –the bedroom, hallway, living room, stairs –pretty much any place! Not sure if carpeting is right for your upcoming redesign? Then check out the following list of advantages that just might change your mind!

Vast selection of impressive colors and styles

When you peruse our sample selection, you’ll probably be amazed at its vast assortment of colors and styles. Use this wide array to find the best design for your makeover, personalizing your space to your preference.

Unbeatable underfoot comfort

At our carpet flooring store, take the opportunity to feel the unbeatable comfort and softness that fibers give you. Not only is it a cozy underfoot addition to your home, but it also provides a luxurious place to sit and read or play with the kids. The soft surfacing is indeed a unique flooring type, vastly different than its hard flooring counterparts.

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Insulative noise properties

Nowadays, our lives are noisier than ever, mostly due to modern technology. Ever notice the disappearance of that constant electrical hum when the lights go off? Televisions, home theatre systems, computers, appliances –many items create near-constant background noise. Coupled with the joy of having children, and it may seem like you don't remember the sound of silence! With insulative noise properties, the din of electronics and the noise of children running will decrease significantly when you choose carpet.

Reassuring warmth and thermal resistance

What else will you notice from our carpet flooring retailer samples? A reassuring warmth that is lovely to feel, no matter the season, delivering thermal resistance in both hot and cold regions.
Luxury carpet in Spring Hill, TN from Inspired Flooring & Design

Added safety for the family

Households that have family members with mobility and balance issues, such as seniors, toddlers, and young kids, will benefit greatly from the added safety of wall-to-wall. While it lessens tripping and falling, soft surfacing also provides a gentle place to land should a slip occur.

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