Classic, eye-catching, long-lasting –How hardwood can forever change the style of your home

If you’re planning on placing your home on the market, then you’re likely considering what types of renovations can add to its value to boost the resale price. Chances are your realtor has already pinpointed what can be redone throughout your house –and they probably mentioned one of the best upgrades you can get is to install solid hardwood floors. While this type of renovation does come with some costs, it’s also one that greatly and easily increases the value of your property. That’s because countless potential buyers seek out homes with wood planks already installed, as it’s a preference of many families. Durable, easy to clean, but also incredibly stylish, it’s a flooring type they know will last for decades to come. Why should you opt for wood planks? Let’s go over the top advantages that make this installation so worth it!

Easy maintenance

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why families love wood is its ease of upkeep. Having withstood the test of time in homes across the world, hardwood is a hard-wearing, durable, solid installation. There's no need for complicated cleaning schedules, just a simple sweeping and occasional damp mopping to keep things looking spotless. When well cared for, you're looking at floors that can easily last for generations.

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Many styles available

From contemporary to traditional, oak to maple, hardwood comes in a vast array of styles, species, and colors. What’s especially unique about this flooring is the fact that it can be re-sanded and re-varnished over and over again. Need to fix a few dents? Want to upgrade the look of the wood? Go ahead, it’s simple! Professional services can completely change the appearance of your planks, giving you a whole new look, you’ll love.


As your real estate agent probably informed you, homes with hardwood sell faster. A tried and true favorite in the flooring world, potential buyers are willing to pay more for houses that have a hardwood installation. Classic, stunning, and incredibly versatile in terms of design, set a higher asking price when you choose wood planks.
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Hardwood flooring store

At our hardwood flooring store in Spring Hill, TN, our Inspired Flooring & Design showroom professionals will gladly answer any of your soft or hard surfacing questions. As the leading hardwood flooring retailer in Tennessee, we pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable guidance, friendly support, and quality materials. Serving the Thompson's Station, Columbia, Spring Hills, Franklin, and Brentwood areas, you can trust our hardwood flooring retailer for reliable, honest assistance.