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Redesign your kitchen in style with sturdy, fashionable custom countertops

Custom countertops can completely redefine a kitchen with quality, stylish materials. No longer will you have to live with your outdated, worn-out, or badly installed installation when you choose sturdy, fashionable countertops for a fresh, new look. While a custom installation adds a heavy dose of class, elegance, and style to any kitchen, they also offer a great many advantages beyond mere aesthetics. Whether you opt for quartz, marble, granite or another equally well-crafted material, you'll also gain from the following 3 main benefits to adding custom countertops in your kitchen.


When you decide to get custom countertops, you can choose whatever material best suits your fancy. That's to say, after learning the different features each style can offer you, you can determine which material would work best in your home. Since you have a clearer understanding of the durability of each option, you can gauge how long they will last in your kitchen. However, when you purchase a generic material from a third-party supplier online, you're never truly sure how long that countertop will last you.



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Perfect fit

Another wonderful characteristic of custom ordered countertops is their perfect fit. When professionals measure your kitchen and install the counters themselves, you're assured they'll fit flawlessly, regardless of odd angles or unusual setups. Those hard-to-reach places were already considered during the initial measurements, and as such, your installation won't require extra complex modifications –or added costs either!

Unique style

Display your unique style with equally unique materials! When you work with a countertop retailer, you have access to a wide assortment of lovely, high-quality materials that come in a vast selection of colors. Depending on the material, those colors may even be impossible to replicate, as they are truly one of a kind. As well, professionals work diligently to provide you with a seamless look, ensuring everything blends together beautifully.
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Consult with a countertop retailer professional

Get the kitchen you've always dreamed of when you consult with one of our countertop retailer professionals in-store. At Inspired Flooring & Design, our Spring Hill, TN showroom experts can help you pick the perfect renovation materials. Serving the Thompson's Station, Columbia, Forest Hill, Franklin, and Brentwood regions, it's essential to work with a well-established countertop provider for high functioning, aesthetically pleasing installation for your home. Learn more about our vast selection of quality options today!